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Ayurvedic Travel Essentials

Travel opens us up to new perspectives, hopefully some relaxation, and gives us a break from our daily routines. The movement and change of pace can be refreshing and inspiring. The changes in schedule and diet can also stir up vata dosha which sometimes causes digestive challenges, sleep disturbances, and anxiety.


Whether you're headed somewhere quiet for some rest & relaxation, or going on a road trip with the whole family, here are some simple ways to stay balanced while on the road or in the air this summer.


  • Nasya Oil - Lubricate your nostrils to protect against dryness or irritants while also having the subtle effect of clearing the mind. I love Super Nasya from the Ayurvedic Institute which has rose, sandalwood, and invigorating eucalyptus oil in it.

  • Abhyanga Body Oil - Massage your skin daily to protect against dryness and keep yourself feeling nourished and grounded. My favorite is my own vata blend. Massaging your feet with oil before bed can also help you sleep more soundly.

  • Aromatic Spritzer- Mist yourself or your environment with cooling and calming rosewater and sweet essential oils such as ylang ylang, vetiver, tulsi and geranium. This combo also helps keep mosquitos at bay.

  • Tongue scraper- This is a daily must, home or away! Remove ama from the tongue every morning after waking. This aids the body in clearing digestive toxins that have accumulated overnight, freshens your breath, and enhances your tastebuds.

  • CCF tea - This is a classic Ayurvedic tea made from the seeds of cumin, coriander, and fennel. Taken between meals, this tea gentle stokes agni, the digestive fire. If feeling overheated, let tea cool to room temp and add a squeeze of lime juice.

  • Triphala - Another classic Ayurvedic formula for digestion and elimination. Travel constipation is common. Remember to stay well hydrated as well.

  • Take time for yourself - Each morning practice yoga, meditation, journal, or just simply sit quietly. If you're travelling with a group or have a full schedule, even 10 minutes will give you some space to get grounded.


Wishing you all rejuvenating and relaxing summer adventures!

I am curious, what are your travel essentials?

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