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Celebrating Inner Freedom

On this 4th of July weekend, as the U.S. celebrates independence, how do you honor your own inner freedom?

Summer is a time of expansion... look to nature as she comes into full, vibrant expression! How can we also expand beyond the boundaries of our usual routines and schedules? The long days of summer invite us to encounter new experiences, whether that is traveling to a distant land or discovering something new in our own backyards.

Experiencing something new frees us in ways we are sometimes not even aware of. When we come off of autopilot, we land in the spacious present moment. Here we have the opportunity to shift our mental patterns and release habitual pathways that may be limiting our spirit's full expression.

Ever since I got my driver's license as a teenager, road trips have been a great source of feeling free. I've crossed the country both solo and with friends 5 times. The photo above was from the last time, 4 years ago with one of my oldest and dearest friends. In my 40's with two young kids at home, I'll never forget how free I felt that day at "the secret beach" in Lake Tahoe. In that moment, I was not a mother, wife, teacher, or student. I was purely the boundless essence of me, beyond all circumstance, all history, and all habits. What a precious gift!

When we experience inner liberation, the truth of our soul is illuminated. We naturally uncover the peace, clarity, and vitality that already existed within us.

What makes you feel free?

I'm here to support you on your path. The practices of Ayurveda and Yoga guide us towards liberation. The journey begins with self-love and compassion. Inner freedom creates healing for you and everyone around you.

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