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Water (Apas) ~ Flow

Do you go with the flow?

Water represents the liquid form of matter. It is the principle of cohesion. Water flows gracefully and slow. It's qualities are moist, heavy, cold, flowing, and soft. In our bodies, water is exhibited through all fluids, such as blood, saliva, tears, mucus, oil excretions, and cerebral spinal fluid to name a few.

Water is the protector of the body and mind. It provides nourishment and defends against inflammation & dryness. Water insulates w/ a healthy layer of fat, lubricates joints, and produces clear, smooth skin and lustrous hair.

Balanced water is seen through slightly oily skin, large, soft eyes, sweetness in the face, and smooth, fluid motion in limbs. Mentally, water provides resilience, flexibility, adaptability, contentment, and an overall go with the flow attitude.

Energetically, water is connected to the 2nd chakra, svadhisthana, meaning "one's dwelling place". It is located in the reproductive organs. Here, water governs sensuality, emotional connection, devotion and creativity. Balance here is demonstrated by emotional depth and intelligence, the capacity to form intimate bonds, the ability to experience pleasure, and express oneself creatively.

Excess water may show up physically as a runny nose, congestion, swelling, weight gain, lack of appetite, nausea, and slow digestion. Psychologically, excess water is expressed as over attachment, possessiveness, compulsion, addiction, dependency, and being excessively emotional.

Too little and one is dried out - inflexible in body & mind. Physically, there may be weight loss, constipation, dry skin, and brittle hair and nail. Psychologically, deficient water may cause a lack of desire or satisfaction, fear of intimacy, inability to connect, or being overly sensitive.

Water reminds us how to feel into all of life and nourish ourselves through simple pleasures.

To increase the water element:

  • Treat yourself sweetly...Take a bath, buy yourself flowers.

  • Enjoy activities that nourish your soul.

  • Abhyanga (oil self massage) with your favorite essential oils.

  • Use a neti pot. This will keep sinuses clear and also help with Spring allergies.

  • Eat healthy fats like ghee, avocados, nuts, seeds and foods that are hydrating- soups, stews, cucumber, celery, melons.

  • Moon bathing, think sun bathing, but instead under the moonlight. The moon is connected to the water in our bodies and the receptive and emotional qualities of our mind.

  • Lunar pranayama- Breathe through left nostril only.

  • Practice fluid yoga sequences- less alignment, more flow.

  • Dance, move in your own creative way.

  • Spend time at the sea, listening to the rhythm of the waves.

  • Repeat the intention, "It's safe for me to feel deeply"

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