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Autumn ~ Steadiness Amidst Change

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The leaves are beginning to change colors and the days are getting shorter. Fall is a natural time of transition. It is dominated by the air element, and Prana (the subtle essence of life) is abundant in the atmosphere. In Ayurveda, we call this ‘Vata’ season.

The cool, dry, mobile qualities of the season can bring inspiration and creativity or create restlessness, fear, and anxiety when we are out of balance.

I know, our world is feeling unstable enough right now!

How can we embrace the mobile nature of the season and lay the foundation for health in the colder months ahead?

Stabilizing the nervous system is paramount to maintain strong immunity and vitality. It lays the groundwork for proper digestion, sound sleep, and a calm and clear mind. By simply adapting our daily habits and routines with the season, we can find more ease in these highly unpredictable times.

Below are a few potent fall lifestyle guidelines. Can you adopt one new practice a week?

Don't try to take on too much at once. Too much change at once can be overwhelming and self-defeating. It's what we do consistently over time that create meaningful changes in our lives.


Fall Lifestyle Guidelines

  • Slow down! Notice the busyness of your life and your mind. Be discerning about where you spend your energy. Rest when you can.

  • Eat warm, moist foods- think root vegetables and warming spices such as cinnamon and ginger. Ditch the raw salads of summer.

  • Enjoy your meals seated, in a calm environment, preferably at the same times daily.

  • Drink warm water and decaffeinated teas.

  • Massage the skin with warming oils such as almond or sesame oil.

  • Use calming scents such as lavender, sage, cedar, and sandalwood.

  • Go to sleep ~10 pm and wake ~6 am.

  • Asanas- standing postures, forward bends, child's pose, lay with legs up a wall

  • Pranayam (breathing practices) such as long, deep breathing and nadi shodana (alternate nostril)

  • LOVE more- loving thoughts increase watery qualities in our bodies and minds. Engage in activities that bring you Joy!

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