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Earth (Prithvi) ~ Stability

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

How well do you hold your ground?

The earth is the nourishing soil from which life grows. It represents all solid forms of matter and provides stability. The qualities of earth are heavy, dense, cool, dry, dull, and static. In our bodies, earth is represented by bones, muscles, organs, hair, and nails. A person with a good amount of earth in their constitution will tend to have large bones, a stocky build, good musculature, and strong hair and nails.

Psychologically, a balanced amount of earth is demonstrated by someone who can "hold their ground". They will be emotionally grounded, stable, supportive, patient, reliable, and nurturing. Energetically, the earth element is connected with the 1st chakra, muladhara or "root" chakra, located at the base of the spine. When balanced in this chakra, one feels safe in the world and trusts that their basic needs will be met.

Too much earth will create density and heaviness in both the body and the mind. The structures of the body will thicken, leading to weight gain and lethargy. Psychologically, one may be stubborn, dull, depressed, or have trouble embracing change.

Too little of the earth element, and one may be underweight and lack strength, feeling easily blown over in the wind. Without the stability of earth in the mind, they may be anxious, fearful, restless, scattered, and insecure.

To increase the grounding quality of earth:

  • Create daily routines. Keep a consistent schedule around the times you go to sleep, wake, and eat meals.

  • Get adequate rest. Notice if you're running around too much physically or burning yourself out mentally.

  • Eat grounding foods - root vegetables, grains, nuts, milk (dairy or nut), legumes, lean meats if not vegetarian.

  • Do abhyanga- self massage with sesame or sunflower oil.

  • Use grounding essential oils such as sandalwood, vetiver, and amber.

  • Surround yourself with earthy colors such as red, brown, black, gold, and green.

  • Spend time walking outside. If it's warm enough, walk barefoot on the earth.

  • Practice slow yoga postures including seating hip openers and forward folds and standing poses such as warrior I, warrior II, and tree.

  • Breathe deeply into your belly.

  • Extend your exhalations a little longer than your inhalations.

  • Practice Yoga Nidra.

  • Embrace in a good long hug with a loved one.

  • Internally repeat the intention, "I am safely held by the benevolent force of life."

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