Would you like to sleep better?

You're not alone!

Poor sleep is probably the #1 complaint I hear from friends, family, and my clients. They either have trouble falling asleep or fall asleep easy but wake often and feel restless all night.

They are not alone. Sleep disorders afflict over 40 million Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health. Insufficient sleep increases one’s risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, impaired cognitive function, depression, and inflammation, which lowers the immune system function.

Instead, think of it like this, quality sleep lowers the risk of all of those issues. Is it time to make sleep a priority?

Along side healthy digestion, a good night’s sleep is the foundation of our well being. When we have slept well, we not only feel better and think more clearly, we tend to make healthier choices during our day as well. And it is just these choices during our day that set us up for a good night’s sleep. See the cycle?