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Summer ~ The Season of Fire

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Ayurveda aims to create harmony between us and our environment. So, as the seasons change, so will our habits, routines, and dietary choices. Summer is the time to incorporate practices that are cooling, relaxing, and neutralizing.

We are now in what is considered Pitta season. The dominant element is fire, with some water. Early summer tends to be more warm and humid and late summer more warm and dry. Depending on your constitution, you are either basking in the heat of the sun or headed into the air-conditioning for relief!

Each season brings it's gifts and challenges. Fire brings the qualities of transformation and illumination. Balanced fire provides healthy digestion and can make you feel mentally clear and alert. Too much fire will have you feeling short-tempered, impatient, and agitated. Physically, rashes, acid indigestion, or a reactive immune system are signs of a pitta imbalance as well.

Tips for all constitutions to keep pitta in check this summer:

  • Favor foods that are bitter, astringent, and sweet

  • Vegetables such as zucchini, broccoli, leafy greens, celery, fennel

  • Grains such as quinoa, white basmati rice, and barley

  • Fruits include grapes, pomegranates, stone fruits, melon, and limes

  • Cool and light proteins, such as mung beans, tofu, lean white meats, and fish

  • Coconuts and coconut products- both internally and externally

  • Cooling spices, including coriander, cilantro, cardamom, mint, and fennel seed

  • Reduce spicy foods, coffee, vinegar, alcohol, salty foods, and fried foods

  • Enjoy the sweet scents of essential oils such as rose, sandalwood, jasmine, vetiver and ylang ylang. Use in your massage oil or diffuser.

  • Drink room temperature water, not cold

  • Avoid strenuous exercise in the mid-day

  • Practice soothing and non-competitive activities such as swimming, gentle yoga or walking

  • Slow down the pace of life, don't over-schedule yourself

  • Practice Sitali Pranayam, a cooling breath practice, explained in the video below

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