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Ether (Akasha) ~ Space

How do you fill empty space?

Ether is the most subtle of the elements. It is the field of existence from which all else emerges. It is the essence of emptiness -the spaces between things (even air molecules) and the spaces that get filled with the other elements.

In the body, ether is expressed within the empty spaces. Space can be found in the abdominal cavity, thoracic cavity, the cranial space, intestines, bladder, lungs, blood vessels, cellular space, and interstitial space.

Ether is the backdrop in the field of the mind. It provides a container for thoughts and feelings. Only through meditation can one perceive the subtle nature of ether. In this space behind your thoughts, there is pure consciousness. The sattvic or undisturbed mind is an expression of this element.

Some of the qualities of ether are cold, dry, light, subtle, and clear. These qualities are based more upon the absence of its opposing quality than on the actual quality itself. It lacks the heat of fire, the density of earth, the moisture of water, and the mobility of air. It's presence is subtle, can't be felt or seen, but is omnipresent.

The more ether in one's constitution, the more subtle their awareness is.

Esoteric, expansive, open minded, inspired, creative, and dreamy are some words to describe an ethereal person. Ether energy is the birthplace of magic and miracles.

Energetically, ether is connected to the 5th chakra, Vishuddha, located at the throat. It governs both communicating and listening. When balanced, you listen deeply to others, and your environment. You feel confident to share your unique voice with the world and trust that what you have to say is worthy. Vitiation of ether could lead to hearing loss or loss of the voice.

Too much ether and we may feel spacey, ungrounded, and forgetful. Nourishing ourselves physically and emotionally is important. See practices for earth and water to balance.

Too little and we may be narrow-minded, uninspired, overly practical, and lack intuition.

To increase the ether element:

  • Meditate- Be the witness beyond movement of thoughts, beyond density of body

  • Chant Om or any mantras

  • Sing songs you love

  • Bharami breath or bumblebee breath

  • So Hum Breath

  • Practice yoga postures that open the throat and neck, such as cat/cow, cobra, camel, bow, shoulder stand, and fish pose

  • Practice Yoga Nidra -rest as the container of pure unconditional awareness

  • Spiritual or Mystical reading

  • Eat bitter foods

  • Make space in your schedule that is unplanned

  • Clean out a closet, clear off your counters


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