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Fire (Tejas) ~ Transformation

How are you digesting your life?

Consider the sun, a burning ball of fire. It provides heat and light. It gives us life, vitality, and strength. It would also torch us if we got too close.

Fire is the force of transformation. It's qualities are hot, dry, light, mobile, subtle, sharp.

Fire represents the digestion and assimilation of foods, thoughts, and ideas.

In our bodies, fire rules body temp, all biochemical and metabolic processes, hunger, thirst, absorption, assimilation, and gives us color to our complexion.

Someone with a good dose of fire in their constitution may run a little warm, have strong digestion, sharp physical features such as an angular face, deep set eyes, and wiry muscles.

In our minds, fire brings order to the mental impressions received through the senses.

This light of the mind helps us to understand, absorb, and comprehend.

A “bright” mind will digest information quickly, be passionate and discerning.

Fire has a purifying effect and dispels the darkness of ignorance, providing clear perception,

How we digest our food and our experiences is extremely important, as food becomes our bodies and our experiences become our consciousness.

If we’re not digesting well, there’ will be a toxic residue (ama) leftover. Ama can create illness in the body and cloudy judgment or misperception in the mind.

Energetically, the home of fire is in the 3rd chakra, the manipura. It is located at the celiac, or solar plexus, just above the belly button. Here lies a deep intelligence about who we are. You know those gut feelings you get? Have you learned to trust them?

When we are in balance, we feel confident and independent. The manipura chakra is responsible for the power to focus on and accomplish our dreams and goals.

Fire stimulates our passions and fuels us to courageously take action. When in alignment with our higher Self, this action will be towards personal growth and transformation.

Spiritually, this relates to fulfilling our purpose, or our dharma.

Capable of burning away ignorance and the stories that limit us, fire can purify old thoughts or behavior that no longer serve us. This transformation of changing old patterns is not easy. Discipline and commitment are necessary and create friction as you rub up against old ways. This generates it's own heat called Tapas. Tapas is the fire that fuels a sustainable effort to move our lives in a true and authentic way.

If we have too much fire in the body, we may experience acid indigestion, diarrhea, fever, overly sweating, inflammation, liver imbalances, red eyes, or skin irritations.

In the mind, we may be angry, sharp, aggressive, judgmental, critical, egotistical, lacking humility, or feel jealous.

As summer is the season of pitta, fire runs high and imbalances are common. Read the blog post on summer for staying cool in both body and mind.

If we have too little fire physically, we will have a weak appetite and maybe feel cool.

Mentally, we may lack focus, motivation, commitment , feel powerless, or have low self esteem. It's especially important to work on this element if you’ve been through trauma where you have felt victimized.

Consider your relationship with the fire element.

Are you motivated?

Do you set goals and follow through?

Do you make time for your passions?

To increase the fire element:

  • Take in sunlight.

  • Break a sweat.

  • Learn something new – light the mind.

  • Commit to a daily practice that is moving you in the direction you want to go.

  • Drink warm water with lemon or ginger tea first thing in the morning and throughout the day, away from meals.

  • Use a tongue scraper upon waking. It removes ama and stimulates digestion.

  • Eat light, easy to digest foods. Kitcheri is perfect food for restoring the digestive fire.

  • Spice your foods- ginger, black pepper, cayenne, cumin, turmeric.

  • Enjoy warm scents- spicy cinnamon, clove, rosemary.

  • Take in the uplifting color of vibrant yellow for motivation.

  • Trataka- Candle gazing / Flame meditation

  • Internally repeat the affirmation: "I am courageous and stand in my truth."

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